Esta categoría separa los cursos regulares de los programas de estudios dirigidos a EMPRESAS para brindar una atención y enseñanza académica adecuada a las necesidades de los funcionarios de una institución privada o estatal para facilitarles cursos basados en competencias interdisciplinarias al área corporativa.

This CECEI's program is focused on teaching English Language skills tailored to specific job positions based on the particular needs of the workers in TABOLISA industry in areas such as finance, operations, logistics, and production, among others.

This program covers topics aiming at:

A1 - March 5th - May 2nd, 2024

 (Holy Week break from Monday, March 25th to Thursday 28th, 2024)

  • Greet and introduce themselves in various everyday and job related situations.

  • Describe themselves and their roles according to their job positions.

  • Provide basic information around their duties and routines.

  • Listen and understand main ideas and basic details about people’s personal information such as family, life habits, work place, responsibilities, abilities and general truths. 

  • Fill in forms and write basic information in the form of short paragraphs, simple emails or even descriptions of figures and numbers using simple language.

  • Read a simple text to grasp its main idea and details.  

  • Make appropriate responses using basic phrases and vocabulary to show agreement and disagreement, acceptance or rejection, apologies and gratitude, or express likes and dislikes, contentment or disappointment. 

A2 - May 6th - June 27th, 2024

  • Ask for and give personal information to others about yourself and people close to you like family, friends and colleagues. 

  • Narrate accurately past experiences to demonstrate a logical sequence of ideas.

  • Describe and/or report an event relevant to your job position.

  • Provide advice or request suggestions from others to improve processes in your everyday duties.  

  • Develop simple reports to inform about an issue addressing the conditions, causes and consequences.  

  • Make comparisons and contrast different job positions and roles in order to find a common collaborative ground. 

  • Make reference to future plans and work related arrangements you need to accommodate such as travel, negotiation, meetings, and others. 

B1 -  July 01st - August 29th, 2024

  • Meeting communication demands of specific skills.

  • Reading and sending emails appropriately.

  • Present and write reports to the board of directors and management positions verbally.

  • Establish effective communication with suppliers, potential clients and business partners. 

  • Moderating, directing and presenting data in videoconferences for various business purposes, including listening and interpreting the audience’s messages correctly to communicate clearly. 

  • Respond to requests that need to be addressed related to the cigars and tobacco world.

Created and revised by: Ing. Luis Ibarra & MSc. Jovanska Castrillo